Frequently Asked Questions

A cryptocurrency is an electronic currency that runs on series of computer nodes called the blockchain. Cryptos are created to perform transactions without the need for middlemen.

There are currently no laws banning the buying and selling or even the use of cryptocurrencies in Nigeria. The Central Bank of Nigeria only stopped banks and other similar entities under its control from processing any crypto-related transaction.

There have been reports of banks closing accounts upon suspecting bitcoin activity. There is no need to worry as Bitmessa will never disburse payments using crypto-related descriptions. Our users will be paid mostly with trivial descriptions.

A Transaction Hash (TXID) is an identifier used to uniquely identify a particular transaction. All on-chain transactions (the transactions from or to external addresses) have a unique txid that can be seen in transaction details. A transaction hash usually looks like a random set of letters and numbers.

Bitmessa Mercantile is a division of the Bitcoin Mercantile and Enterprise-Scale Solutions Agency (BITMESSA). The company is registered under the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with registration number 1772156. This division is an Instant Merchant Service that provides users with a safe, simple, and transparent way to sell Bitcoin, USDT and 30+ coins

Bitmessa is already trusted by 2000+ people across the world and offers negotiable rates with fast payouts. There are no commissions, fees and signups too. The support is manned by real humans and available 24/7 to provide quick and professional help. The website interface is designed with a user-centred approach, simple enough so the least crypto knowledgeable person can still perform a transaction.

Bitmessa Mercantile is simply a multiple-crypto to Naira conversion platform. We have made the transaction process as fast and as simple as it can be. Simply, click on the ‘Get Started Here’ button, review the ‘attention’ notice, accept, or negotiate our rate, then proceed with sending us your coins. You will receive payment immediately after two network confirmations.

Bitmessa Mercantile is already trusted by +2000 people. We believe that simplicity is the utmost sophistication and so we have designed our website to appear very simple. This approach may not reveal over 210 years of combined experience in the background. Our team of crypto enthusiasts, business, and software developers and financial professionals are working to provide unsurpassed humane services to our customers.

You can only worry about your data and money if you stored them with us. Bitmessa does not store user funds and requires no signup plus payouts are instant. We have also moved into merging all 105 wallet addresses into a single domain name (bitmessa.crypto). This approach will guarantee that users never make a mistake when depositing their coins. This approach also removes the possibility of hackers attempting to trick our system into displaying fake wallet addresses.

Bitmessa Mercantile operates on the internet and is accessible to any Nigerian on the internet from any part of the world. Bitmessa only credits Nigerian bank account holders.

Bitmessa Mercantile is always open and will attend to requests and transactions at any time.

Very True! The only fee you get to pay is the usual transaction charge when sending your coins to us. Also, we only request phone verification to guarantee that only real numbers use our system.

Visit our supported coins page or for a full list of our supported coins.

A transaction gets completed immediately after two network confirmations on the blockchain. We have sufficient liquidity to process multiple transactions per minute. Possible delays may only arise from extended confirmation time and bank transfers.

The minimum amount to sell on our platform is $20 or equivalent in crypto. The only exception to this rule is for USDT and other stable coins that allow as little as $2. There is currently no maximum limit to how much you can sell on our platform.

Bitmessa picks the highest of ten top exchanges to get its price. This figure is then multiplied by our local rate. Bitmessa uses a floating price system. Due to market volatility, it records the value of the coin at its second network confirmation. Clients may end up getting more payout or slightly less in a floating price system.

Yes! Cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile, and prices may change positively or negatively within seconds. This reason is why Bitmessa has resolved to record the price immediately after two network confirmations. Blockchains are open and evenly distributed. Thus, anyone can review their transaction in case of doubt.

Bitmessa is not officially ready to sell coins due to numerous reasons. The feature will be available when our main website goes live in early 2022. For now, users can message us if they wish to buy coins.

The information gathered by our system is retained until we complete the transaction. We, however, reserve the right to keep any data longer if needed. We also reserve the right to know a customer if required.

No! Our current platform is built with no automation for security reasons. We are not connected or affiliated to any exchange and, we do not require a payment API for any process.

If we offer you a way to track your order, then it means that we are storing your data. The only process that needs tracking is the network confirmation. You can achieve this directly from your wallet or through the transaction hash via an explorer. Our system automatically listens for two network confirmations.

Feel free to reach us using any channel on our contact page. We are very much obliged to respond to any questions you may have.

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